Police shootings and black on black crime

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Monday, April 27, 2015

According to data from both USA Today and the FBI Supplementary Homicide Report, there are approximately 400 "felons" killed by police officers or "justifiable homicides" yearly in the US. In 2012, for example, there were 426 such homicides. These figures represent cases in which officers killing a suspect claim there was "an urgent safety need" for the shooting.

FBI emblemIt also includes cases where the police report that the victim "attempted flight," "was killed in the commission of a crime," or "resisted arrest." All of these scenarios, which are reported by the FBI as "justifiable homicides," are posited to be over represented by black suspects. Admittedly, some of these "justifiable homicides" may ultimately turn out to be not justifiable and the victims not felons. Some critics also speculate that not all the police homicides are reported. That may be corrected; the FBI is now doing better tracking of statistics for its Uniform Crime Report and is requesting more information from local police departments about crimes in which the police use deadly force against citizens.(1)

And yet there is a much bigger problem: Black on black crime. Government statistics reveal blacks killed blacks in alarming epidemic proportions. In 2013 blacks represented 13%, whites 64%, and Hispanics 16%, respectively of the U.S. population. (Notice that ethnic Hispanics now constitute a larger segment of the U.S. population than blacks.)  Below are the homicide statistics for 2013 by offenders and victims:

Whites (non-Hispanic; 64% of the population) committed 3005 homicides; the victims were white in 2509 cases, and black in 409 cases.

Blacks (non-Hispanic; 13% of the population) committed 2491 homicides; the victims were white in 189 cases, and black in 2245 cases.

Hispanics (16% of the population) committed 588 homicides; the victims were white or Hispanic in 486 cases, and black in 87 cases.(2)

Given these statistics, why are the media and black leaders preoccupied with the politics of police shootings, a relatively small fraction of black homicides, justifiable or not, when young blacks continue to kill each other in veritable urban battlefields? And yet, although far from perfect, opportunity is available to everyone, public education is virtually obligatory, and government programs abound, so much so that they are rife with waste and abuse.

What should black leaders,(3) civic organizations, and the mainstream media(4) be clamoring for as viable solutions? Should it be the continuation of the failed policies of the past, such as more self-perpetuating dependency-creating social programs,(5-6); more sham education in self-esteem enhancement and political correctness; more failed penal rehabilitation through the usual revolving prison doors; or should it be new approaches, such as the rebuilding of the nuclear family, moral support for churches, and the revamping of education with the return to more stringent requirements in the basics, history, math, science, etc., as well as the reincorporation of the teachings of civics and morality in public education?

Consider the new civic organization "Black Lives Matter" that was formed as a result of the shooting death of Trayvon Martin and subsequent acquittal of John Zimmerman in Miami in 2012. The organization, which has met in Macon, cites "state violence" as causing a "genocide" of blacks claiming, "Every 28 hours a black man, woman, or child is murdered by police or vigilante law enforcement."(6) That may be, and in fact many of these incidents may not be "justifiable homicides" as classified in old FBI files. But these police incidents pale in comparison with the fact that every 4 hours a black man, woman, or child is murdered by other blacks in their own neighborhoods, in their own streets, in their own homes in America. Is this street violence really State-sponsored genocide or the result of a counterculture of lawlessness and violence that can be traced to dependency and alienation fostered by the legacy of the Great Society (perpetuated by Black leaders) and the liberal media that tells black men continuously and relentlessly that they cannot succeed without government handouts or leading lives in crimeRebuilding the black family.

Various Wars on Poverty, Drugs, etc. have been declared advancing the State and leaving wreckage in their wake. Another war, a silent one but perhaps more deadly, is the War on the Family, a war that has destroyed black families and threatens to do the same against Americans of all races. It needs to stop. All that needs to be done is for the government to take a step back and let US breathe! If “Black Lives Matter” genuinely cares, its leaders should begin not with self-defeating, divisive, and inflammatory rhetoric — but with an uncompromising call for rebuilding the black family.


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Written by Dr. Miguel Faria

Miguel A. Faria, Jr., M.D. is a retired professor of neurosurgery and the author of Cuba in Revolution — Escape from a Lost Paradise (2002). His website is: www.haciendapub.com.

This article can be cited as: Faria MA. Police shootings and black on black crime. GOPUSA.com, April 27, 2015. Available from: http://www.haciendapub.com/articles/police-shootings-and-black-black-crime

The photos used to illustrate this commentary came from a variety of sources and did not appear in the original GOPUSA.com article. A shorter version of this commentary was also published in The Macon Telegraph on June 3, 2015.

Copyright ©2015 Miguel A. Faria, Jr., M.D.

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Gun pornography in Atlanta!

CBS News Gun Porn Hunters Go To—Atlanta?

When I saw this news piece and confirmed it wasn’t a satire, my next thought was “Gun porn. Hmm, is CBS News investigating those traumatizing and soul-crippling images of scantily clad gun pornwomen holding guns?” You know, like this one (Photo, left: Courtesy of ninetymilesfromtyranny.blogspot.com) (WARNING: heavy metal music). And this one, and this one. Was it a slow news day?

The truth was far more serious.  CBS46, the Atlanta CBS TV affiliate, had uncovered a new and terrifying threat hiding in plain sight in, of all places, Atlanta’s neighborhood grocery stores.  Quick, hide the women and children!  Yes, this story was CBS News’s attempt to amp up the culture war against gun owners by trying to convince the citizens, not of Manhattan or West L.A., but Atlanta—Atlanta!—that gun hobby magazines now fall under the category of pornography…

Read more http://drgo.us/?p=2074

Timothy Wheeler, MD is director of Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership, a project of the Second Amendment Foundation.

Crime in Georgia

From the Macon Telegraph, August 20, 2015

Letter to the editor: Contending Crime Statistics in Georgia

...If we look at statistical data on race, there seems to be some validity to the insecurity of whites around blacks. In Georgia, blacks make up 31.4 percent of the population. Of 453 murders in Georgia, 377 or 83 percent were committed by blacks. Of the 365 rapes in Georgia, 228 or 62 percent were committed by blacks. Of the 2,779 robberies in Georgia, 2284 or 82 percent were committed by blacks. Of the 8,873 assaults in Georgia 5,576 or 63 percent were committed by blacks.

Nationally, blacks make up 13.2 percent of the population. Yet, 1 of every 4 Aid to Dependent Children recipient is black. Seven out of every 100 is white. Of the black recipients, 48 percent are not and have never been married. Eighty-seven percent do not have jobs. And the black Section Eight Housing payment recipients are 48 percent of the total... — Bob Hubbard, Perry

War crimes against Southern civilians

Dear Miguel,

 I just read the commentaries posted below on the Confederate battle flag. Excellent! they were right on target. I always find these leftists attempts at creating "critical issues" humorous if it were not so serious in the long run. Ignored by the simple minded in our society is the fact that because of these ridiculous non-issues people will be hurt, property will be damaged and certainly people will die--and in the case of Memphis, Tennessee, a lot of money will be spent exhuming General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife and moving the beautiful stature dedicated to this honorable war hero. As the good General was a native son of Mississippi, we will gladly take the stature and their bodies.

The professional revolutionaries and the professional racists such as the present leadership of the NAACP, are always looking for a good issue to draw in more donations and members to their racist organizations. The vast majority of blacks could care less about the Confederate battle flag. When my son went to middle school in North Carolina a number of the black kids had the Confederate battle flag sown on their jackets. And as you said, here in Mississippi we had a vote on the use of the battle flag incorporated in our state flag--both blacks and whites voted to keep it.

 Of course the whole purpose for making the Confederate battle flag the central issue was to take attention off the important issues. The shooter was a mentally deranged individual and the flag had nothing to do with his irrational act. What they wanted to be ignored was that the victims of the shooting were devout Christians who kept their word to Jesus and forgave their assailant. What the left wanted was a riot in Charleston with a great deal of bloodshed, property damage and outrage that the liberal/left media could take advantage of.

 It is always interesting to me to observe how the race baiters and pseudo-historians like to ignore reconstruction history with all of its outrages against Southern civilians during a time they were suffering terribly from the ravages of the war. The Yankee soldiers and Northern carpetbaggers descend on the South to steal all that they could and humiliate the Southerners--including the freed slaves. (For an excellent historical examination of this period one should read Walter Brian Cisco’s book, War Crimes Against Southern Civilians, Pelican Publishing Co, 2008.)

One only needs to read the personal accounts of the slaves as recorded in the Slave Narratives to see that the picture painted by the Yankees was a lie. Gustav LeBon was correct that mobs do not reason and you cannot reason a person out of something they were not reasoned into. Most of those who launch these intellectual outrages, and especially their supporters, think only in bumper sticker language. Anything more comprehensive would only confuse them.

 One must keep in mind that one of the main tenants of the collectivist intellectuals is to eradicate all history existing before the arrival of their utopian illusory world. This was one of the main themes of the Jacobins during the French Revolution, as you well know, even with the creation of a new calendar that began recording time only with the creation of the revolution. I am not surprised that a handful of leftist nitwits would come up with such a ridiculous assault on history, rather what is always difficult to understand is how so many can accept such nonsense as being serious. It demonstrates how successful the left have been in dumbing down Americans.

Thanks for a great article and comments.



Evil Confederate and U.S. flags?

Here is another excerpt from an excellent editorial from the Macon Telegraph, July 4, 2015

Offense taken over confederate flag is misguided

by Steve Berman of Warner Robins, Georgia.

Erick Erickson wrote a very logical and reasonable approach for a Christian to the Confederate battle flag issue, but he is barking up the wrong tree. In essence, Erickson said we should not fly that flag out of politeness. Politeness is a virtue. Were there an award for politeness, I believe Erick would receive honorable mention, if not first place (that doesn’t always apply to his online, or on-air, persona, but it does apply to him as a man). But politeness does not inform culture when it’s only used by one side. For example, Louis Farrakhan, a racist if there ever was one, correctly pointed out, “I don’t know what the hell the fight is about over the Confederate flag. We need to put the American flag down. Because we’ve caught as much hell under that as the Confederate flag.”

For 233 out of 238 years since the American flag was adopted in 1777, it flew over all of America, including racists. For 88 years, it flew over slave-owning plantations, state houses and government buildings. It flew over Japanese internment camps. Today it flies over abortion clinics. If liberals finds that reference distasteful, I’ll add this one for free: it flies over Naval Station Guantanamo Bay.

During the American Civil War, the Confederate battle flag didn’t fly over Georgia, the Georgia state flag did. And when that war ended, the American flag flew once again while northern carpetbaggers and federal troops sacked the already bankrupt and war ravaged state. Georgia was hit particularly hard because of Gen. William T. Sherman’s “total war” doctrine of economic and cultural punishment. That Macon (and, largely, Milledgeville, the wartime capitol) were spared destruction is simply blessed good fortune.

Atlanta has only recently -- within the past 40 years -- fully recovered from its total destruction, hence the motto “Resurgens” (Latin for “rising again”) and the symbol of the phoenix rising from its own ashes…

Available from: http://www.macon.com/2015/07/03/3826705/offense-taken-at-the-confederate...

And for further thought : Erickson frequently wants to have it both ways, as to be the reasonable conservative, like McCain, to his right everyone else is an extremist. In Mississippi it is OK to fly the flag "because the majority of both races voted for it." That is a viable democratic option.

But what then if we take these majoritarian votes rather than historic arguments to the international arena? What if the U.N. to which the U.S is a party (and an organization that for decades has condemned America while receiving more than 25% of its funds from the hands that feed it) votes and by a large majority condemns the U.S. flag, what then? Majority rules and makes it right. Do we ban the U.S flag? “Just asking,” as Kenny B used to say! — MAF

Black on black crime!

Submitted to the Macon Telegraph (June 4, 2015)

Bosque Flores (University of South Carolina: Dr. Faria, as long as promulgating racism is profitable in our Nation, we will suffer from the issues you outline above. Organizations like "Black Lives Matter" and even on the local level, people like Catherine Meeks, will continue to push their racism-based based agendas because it pays well.

Take the case of Ferguson "rioters" that were paid, some up to $5,000/month to be the boots on the ground. Black "leaders" are today's root cause for the problems in the Black community. Today's Black "leaders" are nothing more than snake-oil salesmen.

Charles Mcghee (Fort Valley State University): Because they don't care! As long as it's not a white person that kills a Black the Black community has for as long as I can remember not show much concern but this is something I have been preaching about since the 80s.

LBJ's Society legacy!

MT June 5, 2015

Spyros Alvonellos: Spot on piece here. LBJ’s Great society is the root of this problem of dependency, crime. Cut off the spigot is the only recourse.