Looting and Burning — Trampling the Rule of Law!

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Today we awakened to the dramatic headlines: "Ferguson Businesses Torched in Overnight Protests," "Ferguson Explodes Following Grand Jury Decision Not to Indict," "Ferguson Businesses Burned, Looted." A caption to one of the graphic photos of the burning inferno read: "Protesters take their pictures in front of the burning Juanita's Fashion R Boutique on West Florissant Avenue in St. Louis, Mo. early Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2014. Protesters set fire toBurning of Juanita's Fashio R Boutique in Ferguson, MO buildings and cars and loot businesses in the area where Michael Brown was fatally shot after a grand jury declined to indict white police officer Darren Wilson in the death of the unarmed, black 18-year-old" (photo, right). Dramatic events but what could we expect as a result of the mass media having fueled the fire of this conflagration with their non-stop coverage and unremitting and biased sensationalism since last August?

In a previous article, “Let’s not make any more excuses,” I blamed the emotionally charged rhetoric of irresponsible African-American leaders for consistently promoting racial tension for the sustenance of their own political power, not to mention safeguard their financial self-interest. While calling ostensibly for “reconciliation," these civil right leaders keep fomenting divisiveness and racial strife. This is certainly true, but if the so-called civil right leaders have been promoting racial hatred and making excuses for riots and violence in the long term, we should also be blaming the mainstream media for this latest explosion of racial violence — the senseless burning and looting of businesses in Ferguson.

The mass media kept fueling the fire of divisiveness and hatred, posing as if they were correcting injustice, but in reality espousing their own political causes — and acting in their own financial self-interest. Consider the typical media headline leading to the latest incident in Ferguson: "Most police shootings don't end with prosecutions." Variations of this and other emotional motifs were repeated over and over until the grand jury rendered its decision. The conflagration, violence, and looting were a foregone conclusion. The black leaders, like Al Sharpton, would provide cover. He did. In Staten Island, Sharpton said, the failure to indict "was expected, but still an absolute blow to those of us that wanted to see a fair and open trial.” No condemnation of the violence. No apologies for businesses and property destroyed.

The mainstream media drummed the noise of protests and kept strife alive since last August because it was profitable. It sells newspapers and keeps audiences fixed on the electronic screens. In their own minds, they are leading a crusade against racial injustice, while the proRule of Mobfits quietly keep rolling in. But American society loses: Businesses in Ferguson were destroyed; insurance premiums will go up to pay for the losses, and unsuspecting Americans will pay for the escalating premiums; the community remains polarized; America remains divided; the police will be reluctant to do their job, and who can blame them? They are damned if they do, and damned, if they don't!

Most of all, young black males are the losers. They will remain alienated, and they will not strive to be the best they can be because they have been indoctrinated to believe they live in a racist and unjust society where they cannot succeed. Sure, America is not a perfect nation. There is still discrimination (in both directions); there are still injustices, even occasional police brutality. But no nation has made greater strides to solve her racial problems.

Riots can be understood from the perspective of minorities immorally discriminated by the legal injustice of public segregation, as in the America of the 1950s and 1960s. But the issue of burning and looting in Ferguson, Missouri, has not been about rights and justice. Today, we are beyond that, and what we have had for five decades is opportunity and affirmative action. If one surveys, academia, blacks have attained administrative as well as professorial positions, undreamed of two generations ago. And in this decade, America elected a two-term African-American President, proving there is justice, opportunity, and that black men can succeed in America.

Since the decision of the grand jury was not to indict, and we have had violent rioting as a result, we must conclude that the decision is an injustice. But was it? According to the AP:

"Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch said the jury of nine whites and three blacks met on 25 separate days over three months, hearing more than 70 hours of testimony from about 60 witnesses, including three medical examiners and experts on blood, toxicology and firearms. 'They are the only people that have heard and examined every witness and every piece of evidence,' he said, adding that the jurors “poured their hearts and soul into this process.' ”

It seems, then, the decision was just and proper. We live in a nation that upholds the rule of law. To me that means justice as well as equal opportunity for all. The ideal (and actual realization even if incomplete) of equal opportunity and a level playing field for all is justice and liberty. However, it seems that for some African-American leaders and the youth they unfortunately inspire, no matter how much opportunity is extended; no matter how much educational opportunities are opened, including double standards for admission, special curves for grades; no matter how much cordiality is presented; no matter how much money is spent in social programs — it is never enough!

The application of the lowest common denominator for all, except for those who are more equal than others, is false equality and socialism. Equality of outcome for the masses, once again excepting the ruling elite, is totalitarian communism. The threat of violent riots hanging over the heads of citizens and jurors deliberating on questions of justice is plain and simple anarchic blackmail, rule of the mob. (See Cartoon above) It should not be tolerated in a nation that prides itself in the rule of law!

Written by Dr. Miguel Faria

Miguel A. Faria Jr., M.D. is Associate Editor in Chief and World Affairs Editor of Surgical Neurology International. He is a former Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery and Adjunct Professor of Medical History. Dr. Faria is the author of Cuba in Revolution — Escape From a Lost Paradise (2002). He has written numerous articles on the blessings of liberty and the venalities of totalitarianism, collectivism, and communism — all posted at his website: www.haciendapub.com & www.drmiguelfaria.com

 Copyright ©2014 Miguel A. Faria, Jr., M.D.

This article first appeared in GOPUSA on November 27, 2014. The photographs used to illustrate this commentary came from a variety of sources and did not appear in the GOPUSA.com article. The illustrations were added here for the enjoyment of readers at HaciendaPublishing.com. A shorter version of this article also appeared in the Macon Telegraph, on December 7, 2014.

This article can be cited as:  Faria MA. Looting and Burning — Trampling the Rule of Law. HaciendaPublishing.com, November 27, 2014. Available from http://www.haciendapub.com/articles/looting-and-burning-%E2%80%94-trampl...

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Looting and Burning

Another excellent article by Miguel that gets right to the point and that is, that none of the rioting, burning and assaults would have happened except that nefarious groups were pursuing an agenda, that is, a revolutionary goal of tearing down this country. As Miguel states, there are several motives by the press in pushing this destructive hate-filled agenda and that is monetary — it sells papers and attracts an audience. Yet, most are also driven by their own leftist indoctrination obtained during their schooling or from their families. The Columbia School of Journalism is extreme left in its philosophy — that is well known. Then there is the most powerful of all forces, the need to be accepted by the dominant social group,which in their environs is far leftist. To differ, even in minor particulars, can have one thrown out of the club. David Horowitz explained the power of this emotion in several of his books. That is, how when he defected from the left he was ostracized by all of his friends, even previously close friends, and found himself virtually alone. This was very painful for him. Most people cannot tolerate such ostracism and they will accept and even promote ideas they know are even silly nonsense, just so they will be accepted by the group.

It should also be appreciated that most of the media pundits and talking heads have never set foot in a black ghetto. They have no idea of the culture of crime, the gang mentality and what it is like to live in a society in which violence and death surround one on every side. These white liberal/leftists have no idea what it is like to have to put your small children in a bath tub so that they will not be killed in the night by flying bullets from warring gangs.They have no idea what it is like to lose your child to a gang and see their lives destroyed by drugs.

Recently, a 5-year-old little girl, sitting on her grandfather's lap, was struck in the face and killed by a bullet fired into their home. Such things are a regular occurrence in these living hells — yet the media, all the while pretending to care about the oppressed blacks, turns a blind eye.

When I used to go to the emergency room in the middle of the night in a Jackson, Mississippi hospital I could hear the gunshots ringing out across the city from the black ghetto. And like many of my neurosurgical colleagues, I have treated many gunshot wounds caused by gang shoot outs.

The liberal/leftists never deal in reality — they deal in ideologically created illusions and these illusions fuel anger towards the wrong people and institutions. Many blacks, that is the decent, moral blacks and defenders of law and order, have expressed the need to clean up these neighborhoods and to instill moral values in the youth, but the leftists ignore these decent people because they, in truth, want the violence, the drugs, the gangs and the despair. It is used to promote the idea that socialism will correct all of these problems and bring "justice" to their world. As in all socialist revolutions, it is the ones used as examples of the inequities of the free market that become the main victims of socialism once they gain power. In the Soviet Union, as in all communist countries, the majority of people killed by the state and imprisoned in their gulags were from the lower classes.

Miguel has explained these contributing factors in a succinct and clear manner that should be read by a large audience.

Police brutality or rampant thuggery?

Consider the "Most Popular" local Story headlines in my local paper, the Macon Telegraph (Dec, 30, 2014):

1. Man exposes genitals, urinates on woman in Macon Kroger
2. Dallemand sex harassment report details claims by subordinate
3. Brinson dogs cited in deadly attack that injured woman
4. 3 arrested, 2 sought in Macon store burglary
5. Woman says she was robbed at knifepoint
6. Shots fired near Pio Nono sheriff’s office location
7. Two men sought after burglary at furniture store
8. Arrests made in deadly Dodge county shootings

These typical daily headlines suggest that the local police have their hands full (everywhere) with thugs committing a variety of crimes, arrested, released, and going through the revolving doors of the permissive criminal justice system. No wonder lawful citizens want to possess guns to protect themselves and their families!

According to the liberal media, when good cops are killed in the line of duty, it is not the thugs that should be blamed but the guns that did it! More gun control, not crime control, is supposedly needed: Lawful citizens pay the price! And when the cops have been stretched to breaking point, they call it police brutality, disparaging the police and kindling the fire of discontent and racial strife.

Here are three national media (typical) newspaper headlines:

1. "Autopsy shows Los Angeles police shot man 3 times," The Associated Press, Dec 30, 2014. This was published with a group of laughing police officers (out of context)!
2. "Family speaks out after police shooting in Texas City."
3. "Baltimore police shoot suspect" - Baltimore Sun.

You get my drift... How is the police supposed to do their jobs, their authority undermined at every turn, especially when their lives are threatened or in imminent in danger?

I wonder how these liberal journalists feel if their lives were endangered by thugs in an alley way? Would they wish for a police presence?

Suddenly Irvin Kristol's aphorism comes to mind: "a neo-conservative is a liberal who has been mugged by reality." Unfortunately, until that reality sinks in personally, we have a serious social problem with bias sensationalism with the liberal mainstream media. What is the problem and its remedy?

Diagnosis: Cognitive dissonance in today's Yellow journalism
Cause: Hypocrisy, greed, and ideological liberal bias in the mainstream media
Prognosis: Not good with further increases in crime and incitement of class warfare hatred and racial strife, until things continue to worsen to the boiling point & the media is forced to return to report the News rather than create it! — MAF

Mugged by reality!

...One of the things lost in all of this, and is even true in the Ferguson riots, is that one of the major reasons for discrimination, profiling and prejudice is not the color of a man's skin--but the state of his civil behavior. Many of the blacks in our society live in ghettos, created by liberal programs, and they have created a culture of self-imposed ignorance, bad behavior, crime, widespread drug use, assaults on human language and gang activity. As several blacks of intelligence have stated, when most of the blacks in a community or even a large number behave as barbaric monsters it taints the reputation of many blacks who do not fit in this mindset.

Do the white liberal/leftist really think that an intelligent black person, even a liberal black, would associated with illiterate blacks, who dress like idiots or as thugs, who are members of dangerous gangs, who enjoy intimidating people, or who are street criminals? Of course not, no more than a Hispanic person would associate with dangerous Hispanic gang members or Hispanics with little of no civility. Educated whites certainly would not associated with some of the low-life white rednecks. In such considerations two factors are definitely not playing a part--race and financial status. A person who is dirt poor, or black who is decent, kind, civil, respects the law and loves his family is welcome in my home any day. Most white people agree with that statement.

In the Ferguson situation we are asked by the lily-white liberal/leftist media and black radicals to sympathize with a young man who was a repeat criminal, a violent bully, a drug user, a strong arm robber and one who is physically assaulting a police officer and attempting to take his gun away. As one black woman said "If Michael Brown had lived he would have attacked one of you black motherF%&#$#@ and you would have shot him." And as another black person stated, "The police would not be stopping black men driving nice SUVs if so many black thugs were not stealing SUVs." In fact, the fashion statement of many young black men is to dress like a street hood--that is, the long coat with a "hoodie," pants down below their a--, comb stuck in their hair and walking like they have a neurological disorder. They enjoy looking intimidating and then the black radicals and white media pundits say "Just think how hurtful is when black people see white people lock their car doors when they see a black person." When one reads of a number of carjackings by black thugs virtually every day, only an idiot would not lock their door. Carjackings by white people are quite rare. Yet, we lock our door even when we see a suspicious looking white person--again it is not a racial thing. Interestingly, the black "revolutionary" is attacking the educated blacks and blacks who dress nicely as "traitors," "uncle Toms" and as belonging to the white man.

I also find it interesting blacks constantly speak of the "white establishment" and the "white power structure." None seem to notice this country was founded mostly by white people and that they still make up the vast majority of people--and of course therefore it is a society established by white people. But unlike, socialists countries, our founders created a system where even the smallest minority is protected and given the same rights as the majority. The problem is, as you brilliantly pointed out, the angry black revolutionary has chosen to voluntarily withdraw himself from a civilized society, and shun the very things that made most white successful--hard work, savings, discipline, abiding by the law, and sacrifice. The radical blacks shun education, legitimate work, the law and all modicum of decency, because to yield to these things would make him or her a traitor to their race, according to the leftist lexicon. Success in America is not a white thing--it is common sense. Western civilization is the application of learned lessons of multiple societies. Of course, in reality it is the communist agitators and collectivist elites who are doing all this for the purpose of destroying the free market and ownership of private property. The ghetto blacks are the revolutionary shock troops in waiting. They have no idea that they are being used, set up for a slaughter.

Enough of my ranting. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!--- Rolando

NYPD cop killing outrage!

Scott Rasmussen (Dec 25, 2014 GOPUSA): "780,000 Good men and Women in Blue" — Trying to make sense of the assassination of two police officers on the Saturday before Christmas, my mind keeps drifting back to the morning of March 13, 2010. That's the day a police officer saved the lives of my family..."

Thomas Sowell (Dec 23, 2014 GOPUSA): "The cold-blooded murder of two New York City policemen as they sat in their car is not only an outrage but also a wake-up call. It shows, in the most painful way, the high cost of having demagogues, politicians, mobs and the media constantly taking cheap shots at the police."

Larry Elder (Dec 19, 2014 GOPUSA): "In 2012, according to the CDC, 140 blacks were killed by police. That same year 386 whites were killed by police. Over the 13-year period from 1999 to 2011, the CDC reports that 2,151 whites were killed by cops -- and 1,130 blacks were killed by cops. Police shootings, nationwide, are down dramatically..."

The Worst States for Black Americans

Dear Editor,

I'd like to submit the following statistics in the context of your article. "The Worst States for Black Americans," by Thomas C. Frohlich, Alexander Kent, Alexander E.M. Hess, Douglas A. McIntyre and Ashley C. Allen was written on December 9, 2014 and posted at 24/7 Wall St.com. It reveals the following.

These are the worst states for black Americans:

10. Arkansas
9. Kansas
8, New Jersey
7. Connecticut
6. Michigan
5. Pennsylvania
4. Illinois
3. Rhode Island
2. Minnesota
1. Wisconsin

For example, statistics for Wisconsin, the worst state in the nation and one of the most liberal, are listed below. Each of the factors mentioned were also calculated for the other states. The 10 states listed were the worst. Only #10, Arkansas, is considered a Southern state:

1. Wisconsin
Percentage of state residents that are black: 6.2%
Black home ownership rate: 28.1% (7th lowest)
Black incarceration rate: 4,042 per 100,000 people (3rd highest)
Black unemployment rate: 15.0% (tied-11th highest)
Unemployment rate, all people in the state: 6.7% (21st lowest)

Looting and Burning!

Viewpoints, Macon Telegraph, Dec 10, 2014

Letter to the Editor: Faria for Congress!

Dr. Miguel A. Faria Jr.’s column “Looting and burning against the rule of law,” is the most tactful, honest and truthful words spoken and/or written I have ever read in print. At last, a person not afraid to speak placing possible threats of blackmail and/or violence hanging over his head charging him with racism, discrimination and/or condemning his freedom of speech.

We certainly need him in Congress. If he is not interested, as an honorable associate editor-in-chief and a world affairs editor of Surgical Neurology, he would be a perfect lobbyist for the rule of law on behalf of all Americans.
-- Faye W. Tanner, Macon


Daisy Elain Jones: Faye Tanner; I could not say it any better. The Dr. Faria's of this country are shining examples of AMERICA! And we need a Congress full of Dr. Faria's: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness!

Dr. Faria: I thank all three ladies for their posts: Isabella, Faye W. Tanner, and Daisy Elain Jones.

Isabella, the worst states for black Americans 9/10 Northern states reveal Northern hypocrisy in race relations, as it did in charity work and donations, despite higher incomes than the South.

Mrs. Tanner and Mrs Jones, unfortunately I could never get elected. I don't know how to triangulate or dissimulate, or be all things to all people, and my frankness will astonish most! Thanks for your kindness!