Educated citizens, including Christians, have a civic responsibility to vote — preferably for Donald Trump!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

I do not mind disagreeing with a fellow conservative when he happens to be local columnist Erick Erickson. Erickson has become the self-appointed arbiter of the limits of “respectable” conservatism. Anyone transcending beyond those limits is to be ostracized, as has happened with his attacks on Donald Trump (photo, below). But Trump happens to be the man chosen by GOP voters in the primaries, including Hispanics, to lead the Party at Donald Trumpthe convention — despite Erickson! I disagree with Trump on numerous issues; most prominently is the fact he has severely fractured the Republican Party, violating Reagan’s axiom of not attacking fellow Republicans. But Trump has also done some good, like breaching the monolithic wall of political correctness and reigniting freedom of speech — necessary activities for the cause of liberty.

Trump very unfairly has been likened to Hitler and accused of being a fascist by other liberal journalists, but as Dr. David Stolinsky, a Jewish scholar, has pointed out: “Trump is not a Nazi nor anti-Semitic. Two of his children are married to Jews, and one converted to Judaism.” As for fascism, Dr. Stolinsky further writes: “If fascism comes to America, it will come in the guise of fighting fascism. It will come in the guise of disrupting Trump rallies because Trump is a ‘Nazi.’ It will come in the guise of shutting off conservative opinions because they are ‘hate speech.’ It will even come in the guise of ‘tolerance.’ It will come in whatever guise is useful in diverting attention from the mob’s own totalitarian behavior.”[1]

For their part, although the mainstream Hillary Clintonmedia have done their job in sheltering, diminishing, and squelching many of Hillary Clinton’s (photo, right) scandals over the years — from the time of her husband’s presidency[2] to the very present — there is enough documentation for the rest of what is known to justly deny her the U.S. presidency, if an informed and vigilant citizenry duly exercise their right and responsibility. Trump may sometimes be an overbearing individual, an unknown quantity, but he is at least a successful businessman. Hillary is a conniving, imperious known quantity, much of it saturated with incompetence and corruption, as testified most recently by the Benghazi affair, the email scandal, and the very serious mishandling of classified information.[3]

But let’s return to Trump, if he gets elected he will be bound from extreme mischief by the chains of the Constitution like all other previous presidents. Binding a loose cannon without ideology would be far easier than a determined autocratic ideologue with a party behind her. And it is worth repeating that he was elected as GOP candidate in the state primaries, and overwhelmingly so by the voters. He was not my candidate; Ted Cruz was. Nevertheless I have accepted the popular results of the primary voters and it should be respected. So he is now the man, the candidate, and the GOP establishment, including Erickson, must accept the fact, and no shenanigans should be pulled at the convention to deny him the nomination. Such shenanigans would tell the Republican electorate that their votes no longer count, and that (in today’s term) representative Republican form of governmentdemocracy in America (“the republican form of government” guaranteed in Article IV, Section 4, of the U.S. Constitution) is no longer functioning. The GOP, or rather the nation, is in enough trouble as it is!

In one of his recent columns, Erickson writes that Christians have no duty to vote.[4] Of course, his target is Trump, his purpose denying Trump the Christian vote and tilt the election to Hillary Clinton. He is right there is no such religious duty to vote, but he is incorrect about the need to exercise a political responsibility. In fact such assertion is a disservice to the nation and our republican form of government in general and to Republican voters in particular. Informed Americans, including Christians, should vote. No one has to tell Erickson, as a political mogul, that if Christians sit this election out, Hillary Clinton will be elected president. For his grandiosity and his hold on the filigree of self-assumed political “respectability,” Erickson is willing to sink the election, no matter the disaster this may portend for the country, not to mention the blow it could inflict on the remnants of conservatism with another four years of Democratic rule and the damage to the judiciary, particularly future Supreme Court appointees.*

In conclusion while I agree there is no absolute religious duty for Christians or any other religious group to vote, I believe there is a civic responsibility to do so, especially when so much is at stake. Erickson quotes St. Paul. So let me quote Jesus: "Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God’s.” This can pertain to voting as well as taxes. Erickson also quotes “A Man for All Seasons,” a beautiful King Henry VIIIplay depicting the travails of Sir Thomas More, a man of conscience, who would rather be executed (beheaded) than betray his principles to King Henry VIII (photo, right). But Erickson could have quoted a better part of the play. When William Roper exhorts More to ignore the law and cave in to Henry’s wish to divorce Catherine; the following dialogue ensues:

William Roper: So, now you give the Devil the benefit of law!

Sir Thomas More: Yes! What would you do? Cut a great road through the law to get after the Devil?

Roper: Yes, I'd cut down every law in England to do that!

More: Oh? And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned 'round on you, where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? This country is planted thick with laws, from coast to coast, Man's laws, not God's! And if you cut them down, and you're just the man to do it, do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then? Yes, I'd give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safety's sake!

As with rendering to Caesar, More’s arguments are apropos to the coming election to uphold “Man's laws” by voting. Only be educated and informed before you cast your vote in November — hopefully for Donald Trump!


* How ironic, in Erickson’s last column, he explicitly defends the Second Amendment (and implicitly the Supreme Court decisions that affirmed it by two 4 to 5 decisions) as an individual right of citizens, and then glosses over and dismisses the need for a conservative replacement for Justice Antonin Scalia to preserve that right, a right that now hangs on the balance, and could be easily overturned with a Hillary “progressive” appointee to the Supreme Court.


1. Stolinsky DC. Fascism is here, and it isn't from Trump. June 20, 2016. Available from:

2. Aldrich G. Unlimited Access. Regnery Publishing, Inc., Washington, DC, 1995.

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Written by Dr. Miguel Faria

Miguel A. Faria, M.D. is a retired neurosurgeon and author of “Cuba in Revolution Escape from a Lost Paradise” (2002). His website is

This article may be cited as: Faria MA. Educated citizens, including Christians, have a civic responsibility to vote — preferably for Donald Trump!, June 24, 2016. Available from:

This article appeared in GOPUSA, June 28, 2016, and in the Macon Telegraph, July 20, 2016. The photographs used to illustrate this essay for Hacienda Publishing came from a variety of sources and do not appear in the Macon Telegraph or GOPUSA versions of this article.

Copyright ©2016 Miguel A. Faria, Jr., M.D.

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Trump wins and assumes the mantle of 45th U.S. President!

More to come, but yes we watched the election coverage last night until it was over, as narrated and spun by CBS and ABC pundits. It was informative and entertaining as it turned out. We have made several observations on the biased and tortured coverage worth reading. Trump have won and now becomes our 45th American President despite the naysayers! In any case we told you so: Stay tune!--- MAF

A duty to vote for Trump against pure evil!

As usual, Miguel has defined the issue with great clarity and wisdom. Students of Scripture know that governments are not ruled by saints, but they should be guided by Judeo-Christian principles as this country was founded on such principles--whether the left/radical likes it or not. Hillary Clinton has been proven to be a traitor and guilty of treason by the testimony of many reputable individuals and during investigations by Congress--especially by Trey Gowdy and others. She has given aid and comfort to America's enemies (ISIS and other terrorist groups), her advisors are radical Muslim Brotherhood followers, she has expressed her hatred of Israel, she has endorsed the Iran deal which handed over 150 billion dollars plus 1.7 billion in cash to the Iranians to build and modernize their weapons. Now they are challenging America's navy with Russian and Chinese backing and now the Iranian, Russian/Chinese coalition is invading Syria and Yemen and have plans for the rest of the Middle East--none of this would be possible without Obama and Hillary. This could very well lead to WWIII--is that what the sit-at-home evangelicals want?

She will also do all she can to promote and extend the abortion industry--is that what they want? She will continue to push for destruction of the family, incorporation of every form of sexual perversion imaginable--is that what they want? She will do all in her power to stifle freedom of speech world wide--just as Obama is doing now--is that what they want? She will demonize Christians to such an extent that it will be dangerous for them to exist in an open society--is that what they want? She will flood the country with millions of people who do not recognize our laws, our religions and will implement Sharia law throughout the land--is that what they want? Remember, her husband is a filthy, lying, violent rapist and will be in the White House with her--influencing government and policy--is that what they want? Christians should be people who think not just react emotionally.

The New Testament is filled with admonitions for believers to seek wisdom and understanding and not be led into false philosophies. The left is a dangerous secular humanist philosophy which seeks to utterly destroy Judaism and Christianity. By not voting for Trump they will be endorsing the plan of Satan and the destruction of mankind.

Dr. Faria replies: My dear friend, I cannot agree with you more! This comment should be required reading at the voting booth, not only by the evangelicals but also by all fair-minded voters. This requirement should be a tiny counterweight to the massive progressive, PC propaganda spewing day in and day out by the liberal mainstream media — the "respected" opinion cartel molders. ---MAF

A civic & moral responsibility to vote?

I'm not sure I would agree that there is civic responsibility to vote, subject to definition. In fact not voting is a form of expression, even if it is in the form apathy. I would note that if the term "educated" was used in the broader context of formal knowledge, I would place no higher value on it than one with common sense wisdom. If the term is used in the context of "informed," then, yes, I believe more votes are advantageous to conservative values.

We would be better served (IMO) without those who have to be prodded. It is they who are most easily manipulated, and something the left seems much more adept at than conservatives, I could be wrong, but I believe we, on the right, would fare much better if only motivated, vested, and the ambitious cast ballots.

As to Erickson, there will be no redo in 4 years or 8 years, or ever. Hillary's election is the consolidation of power that the left has envisioned for decades. All Erickson, and the rest, have to do is read or listen to the progressives themselves. They believe they are on the cusp of a great victory, and they are desperate to hammer the final nail. In essence, the left can afford to lose this election. The right cannot.

Dr Faria replies: Dear Jefferson Thomas, I agree with much of what you say. I have written a short essay on this topic of civic responsibilities, as they pertain to Republican Roman history, an epoch over two millennia in the past and still so eerily familiar to ours. It is always intriguing to contrast epochs sharing cultural factors. In the case of this article, I drew a historical parallel, as far as the totality of culture as it relates to government, trying to make sense of the present widespread apathy and ignorance.

In the specific context of responsibility to vote, I prefer to refer to “educated citizens,” not only as informed on contemporary issues but also versed on the constitution and our form of government. In the case of the Republican Romans at the time of Scipio Africanus, as described in the short article, the level of culture of the ruling classes seemed to be far superior to that of contemporary inane “leaders.”

Politically incorrect as it might be, I think that voting should be restricted to citizens who pass certain minimal criteria as to property ownership and basic knowledge of our form and tenets of government. That is not possible in the present egalitarian and ignorance milieu. The next best thing is that we should quit urging all people to vote. Mobocracy leads to the death knell of a Republic. As always, thanks for the informative post! — MAF

P/S. The comments below that article are quite interesting and I enjoyed the debate between the two learned Macon priests. I do not find that level of learning in the average Protestant minister these days.

Hammering the final nail...

In re-reding my comment I had left out the word "nail" following "final," and even as the missing word was obvious, perhaps I could have driven it home better. (I know-overdone :)).

Your third paragraph sums it up quite nicely as it regards the duty and right to vote. If we're saying that one with a vested interest has a civic duty to vote then we're in total agreement, and therein lies our dilemma. I fear we are at the proverbial "two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner" stage of our "democracy".

And back to the beginning: If it is indeed a choice between two evils, given the stage in which we reside, the lesser of the two is the choice I must make. One of the two may be "redeemable", the other-NOT.

Your articles are always informative based on a perspective that most of us that are American born are lacking.
Thanks, P38; your last insightful remark reminds me of my days in college when my friends said I was popular with girls because of my "Cuban" accent! ... We have to find humor in any words or deeds these days! MAF

Liberal media diversion in politics, again...

"...The left was having a rough go of it during the first night of the Republican convention, when they stumbled on their saving grace. Melania Trump, Donald’s wife, had given a warmly received speech that highlighted her grace and charm, and the values she shares with her husband. But around midnight, social media began to erupt with comparisons to Michelle Obama’s speech in 2008.

"It was a night where Hillary Clinton was blasted for lying to family members of those killed in Benghazi. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews called the mother of one of those victims a liar. It was a night where the black sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, David Clarke, called out the left for its anti-police rhetoric and the consequences it is reaping. There were references to Hillary’s shameful and illegal handling of classified material, including Top Secret and even more secret Special Access Program materials. Critics were calling day one of the convention a poorly organized event, since Melania’s speech turned out not to be the climax of the evening, but a prelude to several other effective national security speeches that rambled on, and were delivered before a dwindling crowd.

"As the evening proceeded, irony and hypocrisy filled the media section of the convention center. The hour from midnight to 1 a.m. saw both MSNBC and CNN go wall to wall with shock, outrage, and pretend-sympathy for Melania. The evidence was definitive, proclaimed Lawrence O’Donnell and Chris Matthews, along with MSNBC’s Republican voices Steve Schmidt and Michael Steele. Guilty as charged, trial to be held later. From the tone of the discussion, this was worse than Watergate, and was going to be the ultimate test of how Trump would react to a crisis. Would he fire the speechwriter? Or would the speechwriter, as Matthews advised, fall on his or her sword and immediately resign to save the campaign?

excerpted from “The Melania Trump Kerfuffle,” by Roger Aronoff, GOPUSA, July 20, 2016

Roger Aronoff is the Editor of Accuracy in Media, and a member of the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi.

Trump and conscience

It has been debated here and elsewhere how one's vote the coming election effects one's conscience. People of good faith can disagree, but from this writer's perspective there is no choice but to advocate for the defeat of Hillary Clinton via a vote for Donald Trump with all of his flaws. My own conscience would not allow otherwise.

Since Dr. Faria's original article on this thread, we have had multiple terrorist attacks worldwide, two high profile assassinations of police, and others not reported. Most of us could not identify any of the deceased officers, yet the names of those who have died as a result of confrontations with police are household names thanks to media priorities.

And, so to tie this to Mr. Aronoff's article, our media has an informal compact with the Democrat party. With all that they become indignant about, it is a speech from a grieving mother and a politicians's wife. It is a media that is rightly or wrongly hostile to Donald Trump, but a media that will cover, obfuscate, and deflect for Hillary Clinton should she acquire office. We will have four or more years of a politically correct war on terrorism. Not only will we have at least four more years of hostile divisive rhetoric toward those who promote Individual liberty, we will have policy adverse to it. And this may be the last election to allow for a candidate that some believe more preferable to Mr. Trump.


I fully agree with you JT, and I believe we will prevail because the American citizenry are beginning to see through the propagandistic machinations of the Democrats, their biased media allies, and the obfuscation of the Clintons! With all of Trumps' shortcomings, he is much preferable to a deceitful and corrupt insider! --- MAF

Trump or we're sunk!

Dear Fred,
Talking about conscience, I have just sent a personal letter to Ted Cruz gently reproving him because of his failure to endorse Trump last night at the convention and getting booed as a result. Among my arguments to him I mentioned, “Resentments and vendettas, despite insults, are not good sentiments and actions for human beings, and especially not for politicians. Turn the table on the rejoicing liberal media and endorse Trump now!” Perhaps it's effective. — MAF
Dr. Faria,
While I find your letter to Ted Cruz noble, I now judge him, Kasich, Jeb-George (HW and W) Bush, Erick Erickson, Sununu, et al. to have displayed their innate pettiness — their peevishness at losing to Trump — and thank God we found out now (at least about Cruz).

These all should be cast out of the Republican Party; in fact, the NEW Republican Party that Trump has created should rename itself the "Constitutional-Conservative Party"…and the LibDems, the "Liberal-Progressive Party."

The old GOP and Democrat parties no longer exist. Furthermore, I think the USA will soon evolve into a Confederation of six major sections of the country under a weak central government, whereby the States, by their diverse attributes will better serve the populace.

Personally, I never liked Ted; I discerned Trump's business achievements, ability, accomplishments, strong personality, and entrepreneurship as the one to lead us back to greatness. I think Cruz shot himself in the foot. I don't see how anybody could vote for him now, especially after he showed that he could not keep his pledge
to vote for the GOP nominee… Those are my thoughts! Don Horacio, July 21, 2016
Don Horacio, gracias por su comentario! There is much truth in what you say. But the Democrats should call themselves, not "Liberal Progressives" but "Socialist Progressives," since they are not "liberals" in the classic sense of the word but illiberal, intolerant socialists!---MAF
Dr. Faria,
I apologize for sounding so terse in my email yesterday. And I agree that the Dems tend toward Socialism — but they would never advertise it.

What bugs me is that the only person running for office who has the experience and ability to lead is Trump. Neither Cruz, Rubio, nor any of the others, despite governorship, have any conception of the real, business world.  Nor have they lead, have tangible achievements, or any idea of what it takes to achieve what Trump has.  In my worldly experience I have noticed that lawyers, academics, clergy, politicians, bureaucrats — and, yes, even doctors and the military — are not true "Leaders."  In the military, leadership is merely appointment to "Bossman-ship."  Entrepreneurship is the true genius, not evidenced in any of the aforementioned. Only in Trump, whose unique ability is this country's only hope. (The Clintons are nothing but confidence scammers)

Contrary to the esteemed Bill Cummings, leaders are "born," not "made."  He is a blatant example: a theocratic academic turned — suddenly — into a corporate "boss" without any true leadership experience or, I might add, any inclination toward it — only intellectual rationalization. Trump is far more experienced and talented than Cruz, or any of the others, and the only one who can turn this country around.

We might as well throw in the towel if is he is NOT elected!--- Don Horacio, July 22, 2016

What a choice —A criminal versus a child!

First, the sky is not falling should Trump lose and Hillary win. I think she will be a disaster, but we have weathered FDR’s socialism, disastrous Yalta summit, and his administration riddled with SOVIET spies. We survived the radical Obama. Nor do I want her to win. But to suggest that Republicans are over and somehow the Republican Party must be purged of its base or anybody not supporting Trump sounds exactly like the Bolsheviks against the Mensheviks in 1917. Moreover, does anyone actually believe that Republicans could ever win without the Republican establishment or the conservatives? Populism and nationalism can only get you so far. What party has won without their base?

I understand how some are unhappy with Cruz for not endorsing Trump, yet as I have stated before trump is no conservative. He coincides with our position on immigration and 2nd Amendment rights, and maybe a couple of other positions, but he has supported more liberal Democrats than conservative Republicans. He argues not on policy, but chooses playground insults. I do not like Kasich or Jeb Bush, but I respect them. I have no such respect for Trump. He is a bully, and I do not trust his recent conservative conversion.
We are all entitled to our opinions so here is mine.

Cruz represents conservatives and a core constituency of the Republican Party, so naturally he would speak at the convention. While Trump won the necessary 1237 delegates, Cruz captured 559. Did trump have the authority to stop Cruz from speaking? I do not know. It is the Republican Convention, not the Trump Convention after all. If Trump did have the authority to prevent Cruz’s speaking, he nevertheless choose to do so, having seen Cruz’s speech beforehand and knowing there was no endorsement. Then Trump has only himself to blame, but personal responsibility is not in his character, personal insults are.

Cruz could have boycotted the convention like Gov Kasich, Bushes, and many other prominent Republicans. Who then would have spoken for conservatives at the convention? Huckabee, Palin, and Christie have chosen Trump over conservatism, with the latter fussing around like a hausfrau tidying up for Herr Trump.

Cruz could have endorsed Trump and likely been offered a Supreme Court Justice job or any number of choice jobs, "if you will bow down and worship me" (Mathew 4:9). The candidates did make the pledge to endorse the winner of the primary. But by the end of this contest the personal attacks by the 5th grader Trump had voided that. Consider Trump’s statement on Fox and Friends:

"(Cruz’s) father was with Lee Harvey Oswald prior to Oswald being, you know, shot. […] "What was he doing — what was he doing with Lee Harvey Oswald shortly before the death? Before the shooting? It’s horrible."

Accusing a political opponent’s father of the assassination of a president, based on a planted story in the National Enquirer whose CEO has publically endorsed Trump, destroyed any pledge made. Words have consequences, and Trump the reality star just got schooled in Politics 101.

Cruz chose the third option. He congratulated Trump, reiterated conservative values, and urged Republicans to vote their conscious. The Trumpees booed.

If Trump wins, Senator Cruz has his government job secure regardless, as he is quite popular in the second most populated state in the US. However, if Trump loses, Cruz will be the one who can say I told you so, and the booing Trumpees may have to do some soul searching. Either way, Trump will be finished in politics before attaining his first job there.
Trump could have shown he has matured by stating he would have welcomed Cruz’s endorsement and he looks forward to working with the senator when he gets to the White House. Trump could have also apologized much earlier to Cruz and some of the other candidates that he personally insulted and sought their help at the convention and afterwards in defeating Hillary. Trump never apologizes since he believes he is never wrong, which puts him the category of a god. “I don't like to have to ask for forgiveness,” he told Jake Tapper on CNN.

Trump afterward claims that he saved Cruz since “the audience would have ripped him off the stage” and that "I don’t want his endorsement. If he gives it, I will not accept it." Again we see the child Trump. This is not surprising since Trump said earlier that he did not need the Republican establishment to win.

Today (7/24/2016) I read that Donald Trump plans to start a super-PAC with $20 million or more of his own money to help defeat Cruz and Kasich, should they run again for public office. Governor Kasich remains quite popular in a state that Trump needs to win, so Trump goes after him. Nor will Trump spending New York dollars against one of their own endear Texans to vote against Cruz. With his campaign far behind Hillary in money, why would such a clearly losing strategy be used? Trump’s vindictiveness leads him into poor choices.

This contest comes down to the criminal versus the child. Hillary is evil, and Trump is a child. One has evil intentions (at least for America) and one shows a repeated pattern of poor judgment. What a choice.

Much as always of what you say and analyze is very true, Koba. Of course, Ted Cruz should have been allowed to speak. But I think Cruz committed a judgment and political error. For his part, Trump committed errors of judgment, displayed braggadocio, and revealed vindictiveness — when as you well pointed out, he should have shown magnanimity. But Cruz appeared a sore loser, which antagonized even his own Texas delegation.

I hope that the $20 million pledge is again braggadocio and nothing more. If Trump does not show a more presidential side after his election, we will have a political circus. If corrupt Hillary wins — through demoralization, erosion of conservatism (this could happen even with Trump), and political finger pointing, etc. — the GOP could go the way of the American Whigs or become another Know Nothing Party! We could be left with nothing but Social Democrats like in Russia pre-1917, between Mensheviks (formerly Republicans) and Bolsheviks (the Democrats). Indeed a difficult choice, but we must chose, as Cicero advised, the lesser one! --- MAF

I still vote for the child!

I enjoyed reading your thoughtful and well-written comment, Koba. But upon reflection, I have to say: "I still vote for the child!" A child can be taught, a child can learn, a child can be educated, a child can mature! On the other hand, Evil never changes. Evil never becomes good.

Good point: a child can be taught, evil remains!

Excellent point. Yet even this week Trump indicates he may be fine with Russia's taking Crimea. Trump continues his childish behavior by not endorsing Ryan in his race by mimicking Ryan's earlier reluctance to endorse Trump. Finally, Trump does endorse Ryan after much needless and avoidable strife of Trump's own doing. I hope the political child does begin to listen. How can he not understand that he needs his own party to win?

Meanwhile, Hillary still continues to pretend the FBI director said she was telling the truth on her sending classified documents over her personal, unsecured server. This is a lie. He stated the opposite. She sent classified intelligence that WAS classified at the time, which she has always maintained was NOT classified at the time.

Eve the State Department finally admitted that Hillary broke Federal Records Act by not surrendering all of her emails before leaving government service. Hillary considers this a mere "mistake" on her part. Note however that she never once in her four years as Secretary of State used her government server with its encryption to send the most sensitive information including SCI, Top Secret, etc. This ploy of hers was by design, not through error, just as the cover-up attempt by wiping her server was another means of eliminating her misdeeds if not illegal activities.

FBI Director Comey also found that Hillary's account was likely hacked, due to her "extremely careless" handling of classified information. While noting that "gross negligence" would be illegal in handling classified information, the director evidently does not understand that "extremely careless" has the same meaning. In his conclusion to not recommend prosecution--which was the antithesis of his entire statement upon the investigation--he saw a distinction where one did not exist.

In conclusion Hillary has been proven at every level to be a consummate liar, and an unprosecuted criminal (an oxymoron admittedly), and a completely untrustworthy candidate. Clinton is a public servant acting like a queen.

... curb stomp cankles?

Mike Ganas (Macon Telegraph, July 22, 2016) in reply to Erickson's last article in the Telegraph, still lambasting Trump and those who support him:

Erick, just come out and admit it. What you hate about Trump is that he split with the Republican Party to stand up for us little people, us riffraff, us working trash. You and your elitist masters want cheap third world labor because it drives OUR wages down to put money in a few pockets at the top. It just kills wanna be elitists like you to see regular middle class working folks do well, even though it isn't taking anything away from you. You want all the money to go right to the top instead of us working folk being able to earn a decent living and provide for our families and send our kids to the same school as yours. Oh wait, there's part of the problem right there. Can't have our kids going to the same schools. That just runs totally against that sense of entitlement of yours.

Your time is ending, Erick. The people have spoken. The people will speak again in November and Trump is going to curb stomp Cankles.

Justice Ginsburg should resign now!

It is bad enough for Supreme Court Justices to throw political shibboleths in private conversations or even in speeches on the lecture circuit, but it is even more egregious when they show their political bias openly in public statements to the sensationalist media and immerse themselves in disgraceful political controversies. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has done just that and generated a shameful political scandal of behemoth proportions.

Justices are supposed to be above politics and political scandals, and, like Caesar’s wife, above suspicion...

... she further stated that she would move to New Zealand if Trump is elected to the White House!

...It’s one thing for celebrities, such as Alec Baldwin, Cher, and Whoopi Goldberg, volatile but shallow entertainers, to threaten to leave the country if a particular candidate is elected, but it is quite another for a Supreme Court Justice to do so! This is not a matter for impeachment. This is a matter for Justice Ginsburg doing what is right to make amends for her audacity; she should step down voluntarily and resign from the Supreme Court to preserve what remains of her tainted judicial legacy.

This comment was expanded to a full article. Read it at:

Dr. Miguel A. Faria

Ruling class wins again!

Yet another example today that this country cannot afford the reigning establishment, of whatever it consists.

A former Secretary of State cavalierly puts the country at risk, and is absolved by the system she will oversee, and she could conceivably be the next President.---JT

Dr. Faria replies:
JT absolutely unbelievable. Here is part of the story in the news:

“FBI Recommends No Criminal Charges Against Hillary Clinton,”
NBC News, July 5, 2016

“Hillary Clinton was careless when she used a personal email server during her tenure in the State Department — but there is no evidence she committed a crime, the FBI Chief announced Tuesday.

“The FBI ‘did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information,’ James Comey said. But ‘there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.

“ ‘Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case,’ Comey said… “Federal investigators found:
• 110 emails sent or received on Clinton's server contained classified information. Eight of those were top secret, the highest level of classification.
• It's possible that "hostile actors" gained access to Clinton's personal email account. ‘She also used her personal e-mail extensively while outside the United States, including sending and receiving work-related e-mails in the territory of sophisticated adversaries,’ Comey said.”

Comment: But here’s the clincher: “There was ‘no intentionality’ on Clinton's part to violate any laws.” Really? I wonder if we — as Neal Boortz used to say, “the unwashed”— would have been judged so, if the IRS, ATF, FBI, or DEA, etc., had found such benign negligent “intentionality” on our part when we break the law. Why did Leona Helmsley (maligned as "the tax queen" and more to demonize and public consumption, among many other Americans who have served time for tax evasion) spent 20 months in jail for a tax offense? — MAF

The Last stand...

Yes Dr Faria, and if I may belabor the point perhaps for the last time:
The Republican Party will not oppose Hillary.
The media will act as her Praetorian Guard.
There will be no independent legal authority to constrain her, especially with the immunity she has been granted.
The courts will be further compromised.

All that is in her way are voters, right and center-right, and we are divided.---J. Thomas

Dr. Faria replies:

Belabor as much as you want, JT (my old friend P38!). I appreciate your posts and we have been having an excellent discussion about the presumptive nominees, exposing everything about both, warts and all.

This discussion is important. Reading these comments, you will notice there is some hesitation even from men of principles within our ranks.

I think the election will be decided by the interplay of:

1. Political correctness (from media and cultural brainwashing) prevails in which case, corrupt, elitist Hillary wins ("Trump is too 'offensive' and 'insensitive,' offending these voters sensitivities'! And

2. The deciding votes of the "independents"voters and fence sitters. Let's hope these middle-of-the-road voters, for once, are awake at the wheel, and think of the country first, rather than what they can get from the country and extort from fellow citizens!

As I wrote elsewhere* in these comments I think Trump and the country will win, for reason I cited; if not, we need to find us an isolated island! --- MAF

* "The latter [Independents], perhaps the biggest voting bloc, will turn to him because they are angry and anti-establishment! I also think many of the young people who were supporting Bernie Sanders will go for Trump too (despite Bernie's endorsement of Hillary), as they can not stand Hillary, the extreme Insider, corrupt, elitist, and authoritarian. Actually, [although this may be wishful thinking]I think Trump will win, and then will be more Presidential and a bit more restrained once elected. In the meantime, he has decided that shock treatment, audacity, and pomposity will help him achieve the Presidency. Perhaps he is right, given the current state of knowledge and popular culture!

A vote for Hillary...

Certainly a vote for Hillary is a vote for 4 more yrs of Obama policies — i.e., middle East disasters, flooding the country with illegal aliens, policies friendly to Iran and radical Islam, ObamaCare devastation of our health system, and failed economic policy rewarding the indigent idle and punishing hard work with exorbitant taxes and crushing regulations on business! Dr. Peter Holliday, Neurosurgeon, Macon, GA.

Trump more enemy than ally!

Trump: “Ideally we’re going to be together,” Then he said: “I think we’re going to win even if we’re not together. There are some people I honestly don’t want their endorsement... There should be and there has to be unity,” then he added: “Would I win, can I win without it? I think so.”

Trump has stated that he does not think he needs conservatives to win. Why should he when he has supported more liberal Democrats than Republicans. Friday Trump continued the fight against fellow Republicans, instead of his opponent in the general election: Hillary Clinton. Trump's strategy is divide support and be conquered.

Wall Street Journal 7/2/2016

DENVER—In his first visit to the battleground state of Colorado since an October debate, Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump on Friday [July 1, 2016] continued to lash out at the “rigged system” he says deprived him of the state’s convention delegates.
Though he essentially clinched the nomination two months ago, Mr. Trump spent much of his speech to thousands of conservative activists reviving grudges from the primary season.

Colorado was among a handful of states that held party-run meetings to award delegates instead of statewide primaries. Mr. Trump was outmaneuvered by former rival Ted Cruz, who swept all of the state’s delegates in April. Mr. Trump also pointed to Louisiana, where he won the most primary votes but came away with fewer delegates than Mr. Cruz.

“I learned so much during the primaries,” said Mr. Trump, three weeks before he’s expected to accept his party’s nomination in Cleveland. “That’s when I realized it’s rigged, people, it’s rigged.” Mr. Trump‘s rallying cry— applied to the political system he ran in as well as the wider economy—helped him win more votes than any other Republican presidential candidate in history, as many Americans feel trampled by politicians and Wall Street and other special interests.

But Mr. Trump’s continued rehashing of the primary in his speech at the Western Conservative Summit distracted from his attacks on Democrat Hillary Clinton and the other major themes of his campaign. “Mr. Trump needs to focus on Hillary Clinton, not Ted Cruz,” said U.S. Rep. Ken Buck, a Cruz supporter who says he will back Mr. Trump as the nominee. “That’s not how you go about mending fences.”

Trump's strategy of attacking Republicans instead of reaching out to the very people whose support he must have to win is foolhardy. This antagonizes voters whom he must have or confirms to others that they are correct not to vote for Trump. I remain convinced thus far that Trump lacks the judgement to win this contest in November or that I should vote for one who is more enemy than ally.

Dr. Faria Replies---

There are many things troubling about Trump, but Hillary would be far worse, as she would have her fascist ideology and the Democratic party behind her. Trump would be inhibited from excesses by his own Party. I think his strategy is to get elected by capitalizing on discontent, assuming that the majority of conservatives would vote for him, as they have nowhere else to go; and the same will be true for the independent voters and swing votes. The latter, perhaps the biggest voting bloc, will turn to him because they are angry and anti-establishment! I also think many of the young people who were supporting Bernie Sanders will go for Trump too (despite Bernie's endorsement of Hillary), as they can not stand Hillary, the extreme Insider, corrupt, elitist, and authoritarian.

Actually, I think he will win, and will be more Presidential and a bit more restrained once he gets elected. He has decided that shock treatment and pomposity will actually help him. Perhaps it will help, given the current state of knowledge and popular culture!

If we survived FDR, Carter, and Obama, we will survive Trump and be stronger for it! Thanks, Koba, for your observations and insight in your challenging comment.

Debating Trump!

Dear Miguel,
... I agree with what you and Buchanan wrote. I do question the evidence that calls Trump “a loose canon.” For a man to run many business ventures as he has,it would be hard to believe that he is a loose canon. That phrase seems to be from his critics trying again to destroy his character as he questions that of his opponent.

The analogy I use is that of a doctor taking care of a patient in the ICU. Many consultants have been called and they are all in disagreement and also calling each other names and denigrating them. The facts are simple. The ICU patient is the USA. One doctor proposes more of the same treatment that is not working. Another proposed a different treatment that has a chance of success. That chance is Trump. Still the doctor in charge to make this decision, the public, is being ignored, criticized, their will being actively corrupted so that the others will not be discharged. It just boils down to what we learned in medicine. The choice is simple.-- Jose

Dear Jose,
…I will not go into his switches from pro-liberal to pro-conservative policies and vice versa. But I must point out his needless ad hominem attacks, who as Koba belowpointed out, were nothing less than attacks aimed at destroying the character of his opponents. The way he attacked fellow Republicans, principled conservatives, such as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio is almost unforgivable; Trump even managed to turn them against each other! This along deserve the appellation of 'loose cannon." He not only egregiously violated Reagan's 11th commandment, but also picking the most liberal Republican, Chris Christie, as his sidekick is disturbing and does not help him either with conservatives. I do not mind him attacking the GOP moderate leadership on political grounds as Cruz did, personal stuff on men of principles is another.

Please read Koba's criticisms, my rebuttals, and the whole dialogue with several others. We have had a great debate at by knowledgeable people. I support Trump entirely but that does not detract from calling him on his less desirable traits.
Your friend, Miguel

Dear Miguel,
I do not disagree with what you say. I look at him as a businessman who is coming into politics. His books are about Winning. They are positive. Yet I have heard no so complimentary remarks about his business practices. Our mail is crossing as I wrote you last night some further opinions on Who the Choice for President is really simple. Thank you again for your insights. Your friend, Jose

Recent events— GOPe helping elect HRC?

One only has to observe the response to recent events to understand that we cannot afford to allow the current establishment (media, GOPe, Democrats) to remain empowered.

A radical Islamist kills Americans, and the media and Democrats blame gun owners, conservatives, and Republicans, and by extension their constituents, and yet no indignant aggressive defense is mounted by the Republican establishment.

A House Select Committee releases a devastating report confirming the worst instincts of government bureaucrats to put a narrative above the lives of fellow Americans, and the media and the Democrats dismiss the events in the most partisan terms, while the Republicans politically correctly attempt to maintain the aura of non-partisanship by begging others to read a report that they never will, and to come to a conclusion based on facts that they never have any intention of accepting.

So we can lament that we have a candidate whose words and deeds we don't always approve, and allow the election of HRC. The left will continue to attack our morality, and our side will take the high ground while we cede what is left of America to one party status.


Amen! At best the Republican leadership fears the media and abide by PC, at worse... Either way I think Trump's election may be the antidote to this sorry state of affairs. Thanks JT for your post!--- MAF

GOPUSA selection

DrGadget (GOPUSA, June 28, 2016 ): Trump is a newly-converted Christian. Hillary is a reprobate in every Biblical sense of the word. Every Christian should vote, and ONLY for Trump. There are exactly ZERO good reasons for any Christian to vote for Hillary. Zero. As for restraint…

A speeder is jamming down the highway doing 130 mph. A cop is in hot pursuit and finally pulls the guy over. He tells the cop, “You were speeding too, so you’re as bad as me.”
No, the cop was fixing the problem the speeder caused. He should have never been speeding in the first place and is the sole reason for the cop to be going so fast.

I have no problem with Trump using unilateral action to undo the damage caused by Obama’s disregard for the Constitution. No, this won’t make Trump as bad as Obama. It makes him a hero for being the only one to end the madness.
Illegal executive order by Obama – counter with a restorative executive order from Trump. And don’t *EVEN* waste my time whining about it being illegal for Trump to make such an order. You were silent when Obama was breaking things. You can shut up while Trump fixes them.

disqus 8 (GOPUSA, June 28, 2016): I voted for Cruz…..BUT I will vote for Trump…

If Trump accomplishes 1/2 of what he says that he will do…. this country will be in GOOD shape…

If Hillary accomplishes 1/2 of what she says that she will do… this country may be FINISHED…

Don’t believe me…. take a look at what they are proposing…

DrGadget (GOPUSA, June 28, 2016 ): It had to be either Trump or Cruz. I didn’t much care which. Between the two of them they racked up about 80% of the conservative vote, which was clearly anti-Establishment. I still think a Jeb Bush nomination would have killed the party completely. Don’t even try to pretend the GOP still exists, just start a new party and everyone jump ship. Trump’s main adversary isn’t Hillary. She can’t take a punch, and Trump is a political punch to the face. She can’t even take softball questions from her own cheerleaders in the Media.

Trump’s main adversaries are the never-Trumpers in the GOP trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. But rest assured, if Cruz had gotten all the delegates, they would be never-Cruzers today. They hate Ted almost as much as they hate Donald. You’d have the usual idiots (Romney, Graham, et ilk) bad-mouthing Cruz every time someone from the Boise news shoved a camera in their faces. Trump yes, Cruz yes. Nobody else. The GOP wants somebody else. They’re going to screw around and try to get Hillary elected. Goodbye, USA.

ruthie (GOPUSA, June 28, 2016): Very astute, Dr. You echo just about everything I feel about Mr. Trump. Underneath, I think he is a tough man who will not let anyone run over him or this country. I see nothing wrong whatsoever with success, something we’ve done little of lately in the United States.

Srini Varadarajan (GOPUSA, June 28, 2016): Excellent point Dr. Faria — ironic that in countries where there are anti-democracy forces, people understand the idea better (maybe due to the fact that the anti-democracy forces show they have perfect understanding by issuing threats to prevent people from voting).

joejackson (GOPUSA, June 29, 2016): Conservatives have lost elections backing true fools like Dole, McCain, Romney with few of us turning out. If Christians, conservatives, working people, honest people and old people turn out we can win and take back America. If we hesitate we will lose, again. You must vote and all you know must vote for Trump or we will see America die by 2019 positively.Democrats know they must steal this election and the media will show us lying poll numbers and Stephanopolous will blatantly lie about our lack voters prepare for that but get out the vote and we win and save America with the appointment, of Conservative Judges, reduce government by 50% and get our country back on track for freedom and opportunity. These two have been stolen by democrats as they built hellhole after hellhole and filled them with black democrats and now illegals. We can win, we must vote.

Understanding Erickson

I confess to understanding completely Mr. Erickson’s attitude in regard to the dilemma of Trump’s nomination. Mr. Trump has run an irresponsible campaign that has cynically appealed to anger at the expense of patriotism; utilizing tactics that can fairly be categorized as dishonorable, unprincipled, undignified, and dishonest in personally attacking good men within the Republican party in a manner intended to not just defeat them, but destroy them.

I cannot fault anyone who is unable to cast a ballot for Donald Trump on principle. As Albert Mohler stated (paraphrasing): “if I support Trump, I have to apologize to Bill Clinton for every remark I made in regard to his character in the 1990s”.

Nor can I find fault with those whose stance is that no matter how unsavory Trump may be, we are compelled to vote for him… for all the reasons listed by Dr. Faria.

I do find fault with, and hold accountable, those who found Trump’s brash and reckless and egocentric qualities attractive, and whose vociferous support encouraged the less thoughtful to get on board the “Trump train” in sufficient numbers to secure the nomination over better and more qualified men. That has produced the current crisis of conscience in regard to voting against the dangerous and destructive policies embodied by the Democrat nominee.

It has been said that the choice presented to the American people in this election is indicative of the removal of God’s blessing from this nation. Whether that is true or not, it is inarguable that elections have consequences. And one consequence of the GOP primary election is that some of its constituency will defer from voting, rather than vote for a man who they consider to be — not just less desirable, or less qualified, than their preferred candidate — but fundamentally unsound, and counter to their own convictions and principles.

Further muddying the water is a recent disclosure by Dr. James Dobson that Trump has recently “accepted a relationship with Christ”, according to an undisclosed acquaintance of his. While this is earnestly to be hoped for, and a cause for great rejoicing if true; it is a sad fact that Trump’s mercurial untrustworthiness leaves open the possibility, if not suspicion, of a cynical ploy to appropriate the Evangelical vote with an insincere “conversion”.

If that is the case — and again, it is fervently hoped that it is not — then our political situation in terms of this presidential election takes on an even darker and more ominous tone than heretofore recognized.

Whatever each individual’s decision in regard to utilizing their franchise (or not utilizing it), I think that all believers can agree that we have no recourse other than utilizing our greatest weapon in the spiritual warfare that the average voter is shamefully unaware of. And it is not the ballot box — it is the prayer closet. May God’s will be done in all things, including the outcome of this election, and in the affairs of this nation.

But as Jefferson pointed out, it is cause for trembling that He is a “just” God. Our prayers, then, must entreat not only His “Kingdom come”, and “will be done”…

but also His divine mercy.

W. Wade Stooksberry II

Men of principles!

...I was recently in a conversation with a very bright software engineer in his 30s. I asked him if he was on the "Trump train", and he brightened and said that yes, to his surprise, he was. He gave what was the best rationale I had yet encountered for his support: "I believe we are so far off course, as a nation, that a heavy blow with a blunt instrument is required to try to knock us back on course. I see Trump as that blunt instrument.”

Your reasoning [Dr. Faria] has surpassed that. I now consider this to be the best reason to set aside personal principles, and to vote for Trump in order to deny Hillary:

"...if he gets elected he will be bound from extreme mischief by the chains of the Constitution like all other previous presidents. Binding a loose cannon without ideology would be far easier than a determined autocratic ideologue with a party behind her."

God bless,

Dr Faria replies:

It has been a difficult decision for me as it has been for conservative men of principle to overlook, and in some cases forgive, Donald Trump for his vicious attack on fellow Republicans, good men indeed, particularly his slanderous attack on Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. I expect, though, that educated people will recognize that in the heat of the debate these were mostly empty political rhetoric from a flamboyant initiate in the political arena, who has much to learn about civility as well as conservative principles.

My dialogue with Koba testifies to the agonizing decision of a well-informed and principled man. More pragmatic argumentation is found in the exchange between Drs. Jim Ausman and Russell Blaylock elsewhere. But one can sympathize particularly with Kobas’s sentiments.

But we must stick to Cicero’s argument as well as the aphorism that you quoted from my article: “...if he gets elected he will be bound from extreme mischief by the chains of the Constitution like all other previous presidents. Binding a loose cannon without ideology would be far easier than a determined autocratic ideologue with a party behind her.“ Wade thank you for your sagacious post! I strongly believe this is a true guiding light!

Wade many thanks for your sagacious posts!---MAF

Trump vs my conscience!

Thank you for your article, and allow me to display my dilemma. I too am a big supporter of Senator Cruz. One hopes to have perhaps 80% with which to agree with on the issues, yet with Cruz I was over 99% in agreement. Not only do I agree with him, but I admire him for his courage. Cruz is no RINO, as he proved when he filibustered Obamacare, restated his opposition to government setting minimum amounts of ethanol that must be put into motor fuel in Iowa during his visit there this year, and stood firm against real RINO’s like N.Y. Rep King, Sen Graham, and John Boehner. No one will outdebate this Senator Cruz, as Alan Dershowitz from Harvard’s Law School will attest. There was a reason Trump’s refused to debate him one on one. (I don’t count the irrelevant Kasich or King of Ohio).

It is not often one such as Senator Cruz comes along. How long since Reagan? Moreover, we Republicans have had to vote for moderates like McCain and Romney. Had Cruz been beaten out by Rubio or even the moderate, repulsive Kasich, I could just remind myself of “situation normal” for Republicans, but at least it was not that odious Hillary. But Trump? Seriously? This is who we must vote for????

Trump has financially supported more liberal Democrats than conservative Republicans. He reiterated in the debates his continued support for “Single Payer Insurance” (government owned insurance companies), which puts him left of Hillary and in camp with the socialist Sanders. He was for abortion before he was against it. He is for the 'assault weapon’s ban and background checks,' unless he has changed his mind again. He has stated he will work with Democrats, and I believe him. Isn’t that what we do not want?

Trump has shown no conservative credentials; he appears more motivated by ego than by ideology or a moral compass. As such, is a vote for Trump a vote abdicating my conservative representation within the Republican Party? Are we dooming ourselves to a populist and nationalist candidate henceforth?

Then there are the terrible, personal attacks made by Trump against fellow Republicans, as Dr. Faria has pointed out. I am a Vietnam Era veteran, and I very much resent Trump’s criticism of McCain’s POW time while Trump has not served one damned day in the US Military. McCain’s 5 ½ years in a North Vietnamese prison camp merits some respect. The last straw was the idiot Trump claiming there was legitimacy on the grainy photo in National Enquirer of Cruz’s dad with Oswald. Even leftist Jake Tapper reported that the reason they did not report it was because it was not true. Who cites the national Enquirer?

I have listened to Mr Cruz talk about being beaten by the communists in Cuba who put him into prison. To believe that he would team up with a communist Oswald, who traveled to the USSR and was met by communists and later shot President Kennedy, is preposterous as well as unbelievable, unless you are Trump and buddies with David Pecker, who is the publisher of the National Enquirer. I find this personally insulting. The list of insults against Republicans goes on and on. Remember the sponge left in a patient’s brain by Dr. Carson?
The only good argument that I can see for voting for Trump is “the lesser of two evils” one. Make no mistake, as bad as Trump is, Hilary is evil. She has operated above the law repeatedly. She sent 22 top secret emails over an unsecured server, refused to use her government server with its encryption for her four years as Secretary of State while dealing with the most sensitive information to heads of foreign governments. (I cannot even do my travel voucher without going through a government server).

Clinton lied to Congress, consistently claiming that she never saw one request for more security in Benghazi. However, in congressional hearing there were over 600 security requests produced for more security relating to Benghazi and Libya before the 2012 attack. Clinton discussed security with Sidney Blumenthal in 150 emails which reached her desk, according to Rep. Mike Pompeo.

Clinton lied about the motive for the attack in Benghazi, as well as Obama and Susan Rice. The idea that a spontaneous attack with RPGs, grenades, and automatic weapons on the specific date of 9/11 in response to a YouTube video seen in the desert that took days to even locate in the US defies any logical legitimacy. Then we find that Clinton told the Egyptian Prime Minister within 24 hours: 'We know the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film. It was a planned attack, not a protest.'

Clinton will absolutely go after our guns. She has said so. She claimed in October 2015 that “the Supreme Court “got it wrong” on our individual right to bear arms under the Second Amendment. She has said she will remove the law that protects gun manufacturers and dealers from being sued for a criminal misusing a weapon, as in the commission of a crime.

Clinton is for abortion; she can’t kill babies fast enough. She will continue Obama’s uncommon sense by putting men in dresses in women’s restrooms and dressing rooms. The Pentagon, at Obama’s request/command is moving now to put in trainies into the military, and Hillary will continue this. EPA will continue shoving the theory of man-made global warming down our throats in an effort to continue the redistribution of wealth via cap and trade will continue with Hilary, as will her stated war on coal miners. Coal fired energy plants will be shut down, as is likely with one not 15 miles from where I live. Green is indeed the new red.

Obama’s amnesty plan has been shut down at least temporarily by a tied Supreme Court thanks to Texas and a lower court ruling. Hillary will continue to bring in more illegal aliens, and she will certainly install at least one radical leftist like [Sonia] Sotomayor. I will take Trump at his word that he will put conservative justices in this position. I also believe the wall should be built, although naturally Mexico will not pay for it. We are no sovereign nation of we cannot control who comes into our nation. We know the Democrats need more voters, but they will have to find another path to voters.

Syrian refugees cannot be vetted. In a country where half of the population has been displaced, the country is in a civil war, where no real infrastructure exists, and where ISIS rules large sections with their legions of demons no real investigation can be done on Syrians. Who exactly would you ask? US citizen’s protection trumps refugee status. But not with Obama, who brings them in by the thousands monthly. I am in agreement with Trump there. This must stop.

Muslim terrorists have killed us repeatedly while Obama pretends the tool (gun) is the problem and the motive (Muslim terrorism) does not matter. Muslim terrorists tell us they kill us in the name of Islamic terrorism, as in Little Rock, Oklahoma, Ft. Hood, San Bernardino, Orlando, etc, while Obama tells us they don’t mean it, they’re deranged, it’s just work place violence or some other nonsense. Hillary will openly continue the lies of Obama while we are killed. I do not believe Trump will allow Muslim terrorists to murder us while taking away our ability to defend ourselves.

When I saw the most protected man in America trying to take our protection away with his gun control, I grew very angry. The lies must stop! The Muslim terrorists must be acknowledged and stopped. Hillary will not stop it. Her foreign policy was a disaster. Her employee’s murder in Benghazi didn’t matter to her, in her own words. Putin took Crimea, Russian troops in Ukraine, and $140 billion or so freed to go to our good friends Iran, who are proud sponsors of “death to America” and are one of three sponsors of terrorism on the US State Department’s website beside Sudan and Syria. Clinton will continue this love of our enemies and animus to our allies, like Israel and Britain.

I can admit the possibility of voting for Trump because of the Muslim terrorist threat. The lesser of two evils will likely not allow me to sit home. I have no real respect for Trump as a presidential candidate; mostly his values are not my values. However, Hillary will damage the US. Her 'bad’ experience in foreign matters, her radical leftist views, and the danger posed by Muslim terrorists that she will not confront are both frightening and offensive.

Cicero: Between two evils choose ..."

Good morning Koba,

I have followed under the worse of circumstances the adage of Cicero that you intimated, when you wrote: “The only good argument that I can see for voting for Trump is “the lesser of two evils.” And absolutely so. Hillary is the true fascist (and a corrupt one at that) as well as pure evil. She is much worse than Trump, who at least can be summed as a loose cannon. She has a purpose, POWER, and is willing to be a dictator to exercise it. As you have described (and is worth repeating in great detail), she is corrupt and deceitful:

“Make no mistake, as bad as Trump is, Hilary is evil. She has operated above the law repeatedly. She sent 22 top secret emails over an unsecured server, refused to use her government server with its encryption for her four years as Secretary of State while dealing with the most sensitive information to heads of foreign governments. (I cannot even do my travel voucher without going through a government server).

“Clinton lied to Congress, consistently claiming that she never saw one request for more security in Benghazi. However, in congressional hearing there were over 600 security requests produced for more security relating to Benghazi and Libya before the 2012 attack. Clinton discussed security with Sidney Blumenthal in 150 emails which reached her desk, according to Rep. Mike Pompeo.

“Clinton lied about the motive for the attack in Benghazi, as well as Obama and Susan Rice. The idea that a spontaneous attack with RPGs, grenades, and automatic weapons on the specific date of 9/11 in response to a YouTube video seen in the desert that took days to even locate in the US defies any logical legitimacy. Then we find that Clinton told the Egyptian Prime Minister within 24 hours: ‘We know the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film. It was a planned attack, not a protest.’

“Clinton will absolutely go after our guns. She has said so. She claimed in October 2015 that “the Supreme Court “got it wrong” on our individual right to bear arms under the Second Amendment. She has said she will remove the law that protects gun manufacturers and dealers from being sued for a criminal misusing a weapon, as in the commission of a crime…”

As a result of your post I added to a sentence in my article:

"But let’s return to Trump, if he gets elected he will be bound from extreme mischief by the chains of the Constitution like all other previous presidents. Binding a loose cannon without ideology would be far easier than a determined autocratic ideologue with a party behind her."

I appreciate your excellent and informative post, Koba, and I'm not done; I will come back to it again later today!

You are correct!

Thank you and forgive my loquaciousness. I realize that I'll have to vote for Trump simply because Hillary is so odious. Yet in so doing, I feel I am betraying something: principles, ideology, or maybe it is Sen Cruz I feel I betray. Still working this out.
Happy 4th of July.

It was an excellent post, Koba. You are not alone with these feelings. I did not get a chance to expand on it, but will do so as soon in my next post. ---MAF

Deciphering Trump...

Koba, I agree with your final determination. For the good of the country, we do need to rally behind Trump because, we have to play the cards that we have been dealt to us by Fortuna in the game of life. It’s our civic as well as a moral duty to do support him. You are definitely not betraying your principles, or ideology, and so your conscience should be clear: If nothing else, of the two potential "evils" we must choose the lesser one.

Supporting Trump at least with our votes is the moral thing to do, given the political and ideological alternative. Moreover, all this unorthodoxy, showmanship, and outlandish statements on his part, I believe, are part and parcel of his election tactics. With his unorthodoxy, he taps on the widespread discontent demonstrating that he is not part of the establishment and that he is not beholden to anyone; with his showmanship and outlandish statements, he does the same and gets free publicity to boot— for once in a haphazard way, at least exploiting the liberal media for his candidacy. But you are right, he has much to learn about political history and political ideology because he is not a staunch conservative. Given his business acumen and financial success, he will be a fast learner.

The election hangs in the balance. With the next President posed to make vital nominations for one, two, or possibly three Supreme Court Justices, including Barack Obama as a possible nominee. Hillary must be defeated. Considering the potential damage to the Second Amendment, freedom of speech, and other civil liberties, Hillary, a corrupt authoritarian in the white House, would be a calamity for this country, so I’m happy that you agree. Please continue sharing your valuable thoughts we us.—MAF

Christians, Trump, and Eric Erickson

Spot on, Dr. Faria

Here is a remotely plausible reason to agree with Mr. Erickson and the neverTrumpers. We have just had 8 years of Ronald Reagan, and Sam Nunn is Running against Donald Trump. In that case we have a somewhat moderate Democrat, and a Republican of nebulous ideology.

In the real world, we will have had 8 years of a President setting in motion policies that if unchecked may well lead to permanent one party rule, and with the election of Hillary Clinton, and a resulting additional coalescence would almost guarantee it. We will not only lose the ability to effect the SC in the next four years, we may lose the ability to effect for evermore.

While Trump would begin office with built in opposition from both parties, and a hostile media, Hillary would assume office as another "first." Consider that a Congress that would not oppose Obama because of the race card would then be cowed by a gender card. She would assume office having endured 30 years of scandals, and with the knowledge that the DOJ she assumes control of has granted her unofficial political amnesty. She would rule with impunity.

So while Mr. Erickson may think we can disrupt the system enough to accommodate, a "real" conservative after the Trump fiasco, one could argue Donald Trump may be our last chance.



Great comment Jefferson Thomas! Only that in your comparison, though, I would have preferred Zell Miller over Sam Nunn! Thank you for your post! ---MAF

Zell Miller...Yes!

Absolutely agree. I was trying to think of an acceptable Democrat. Wish I had thought of Zell.